300MIUM-1002 [Ultimate Weapon: 10,000 Buzz BODY] Rent An Influencer With A Height Of 175cm/G Cup And Huge Breasts As Your Girlfriend! A Complete Record Of The Entire Story Of How He Seduced Her And Even Performed Erotic Acts That Were Originally Prohibite

300MIUM-1002 2023-12-03 140min

Film Introduction

[Rental girlfriend = lover agency service that is popular on the street. Gonzo negotiations with an idol-class beautiful girl who works at a store! 】
Yuma-chan is a 175cm tall lady with a model body that makes all the passersby turn around.
Using her beauty, she seems to be making money by operating various SNS with tens of thousands of followers...
She is full of a ``takane flower'' feeling that an average man would never be able to reach, but you can also see a glimpse of her friendly side as she plays with her on the Ferris wheel and naturally holds hands with her. The likability is very high.
She is a higher class rental girlfriend than usual this time, so she specially rented out a limousine.
Dating behind closed doors is normally a no-no, but we managed to kiss naturally in a luxurious space just the two of us!
Of course, that wasn't enough to stop them, and as they continued to grope each other's bodies, their excitement levels quickly reached their maximum.
Yuma-chan is super erotic and cute as she reaches out her hand to her dick and stares at it with an erotic sigh.
It feels like a dream to have a titty fuck in the car with beautiful huge breasts that are estimated to be G cups.
The blowjob with her sticky tongue felt so good that I couldn't help but cum inside her mouth.
Since we got to know her better than a real lover, we moved to a hotel and started having lovemaking sex.
Yuma-chan says, "I feel like I don't need a rubber..." so I shove my hard raw dick into her.
I enjoyed her slender beautiful legs, waist, and huge breasts in every position.
A huge amount of ejaculation goes into Yuma-chan's pussy as she begs "Ah, I'm cumming, I'm cumming, please cum! Please cum inside!!" !
Furthermore, the second round begins with Erokos changing clothes.
This time, we will also add oil and enjoy the strongest body to the fullest!

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