300MIUM-1007 [Amazingly Beautiful Waist X Huge Breasts] A Plump G Cup! ! A Leisure Trip To Enjoy Nature In Yamanashi With A Nursery Teacher With A Two-dimensional Body! ! 2nd Round Of Intense SEX With Boobs Shaking And Big Orgasms With A Perfect Score Of

300MIUM-1007 2023-11-27 110min

Film Introduction

Looking for a girl on the way to work, this time I went to Shinjuku
Today was a bright sunny day with not a single cloud in the blue sky!
There are definitely girls who want to skip work on such a nice day!

There are so many people in Shinjuku from early morning!
I was randomly calling out to people who were walking towards me one after another, and then
Oh... some amazing breasts suddenly came walking towards me!

Her breasts look like they're going to pop out of her pink tank top...
Her bare legs are stretching out from her extremely short shorts...huh? You can see my ass in this one! ?
That's right, Kokoro-chan (20 years old), the nursery teacher who is helping me with this walking boobs!
Do nursery teachers come to work dressed like exhibitionists? ?
Itte! Ittetetete... my crotch hurts!

If you listen to the story, the nursery school industry has a chronic labor shortage and low wages...
It takes more physical strength than you might imagine, and sometimes you have to fight against monster parents! ?
Being a nursery teacher is tough! Kokoro-chan is erotic... No, no, no! Ella! !

This time, Kokoro-chan and I are headed to Yamanashi for an exciting nature trip.
We have planned a trip where you can experience the magnificent nature with your whole body, including cherry picking and sightseeing at the famous lake!
Kokoro-chan is an indoor person who ends up sleeping on her days off.
She's having fun and making noises wherever she goes for her first active experience in a while!
When she gets excited, her cleavage and butt are clearly visible and it's amazing!

After enjoying nature until the sun goes down, we head to our final destination, a private cottage ♪
Let's share Kokoro's love story with snacks!
If you ask me, I've only dated one person so far!
After breaking up with that boyfriend, she has no encounters and uses masturbation to relieve her growing desire...
It's crazy! ! This is your chance!

When I gently massaged her G-cup breasts, which I had been curious about since the morning, from behind, she let out a shy but erotic sigh... Her nipples were also beautiful and pink...
These breasts have a really beautiful shape, but they are fluffy and soft! !
What is this...! ! I want to rub it all the time! !

Unzip the shorts to reveal a white T-back! !
The color is neat but the T-back is... erotic!
She was passionate about volleyball when she was a student, so she has a well-defined body!
She has a beautiful body like an anime figure!

Pubic hair is the type that grows! If you do cunnilingus while confirming this, you will cum in no time!
I've accumulated quite a lot! It's so cute how her boobs tremble!
If I inserted my finger with this force, the squirt would come out! ! And over and over again!
A lake has formed on the floor! It's a magnificent lake that rivals any lake I've seen during the day!
If you put your penis in front of your face, your cheeks will be depressed and you will receive a vacuum blowjob!
If you get carried away and hold her head and have an orgasm, she will lick you hard while drooling...!
If you follow that flow and join them from the back, your magnificent breasts will sway...! !
If you grab the marshmallow waist body as you like and slam your hips against it, you'll hear sounds of pleasure!
Because of his youth, his tightness is the best! I couldn't hold it back and let it go inside!
Make sure to squirt with your fingers and let the sperm come out!
Kokoro-chan, this is a relief!
Huh...? Still not enough...? ?

I got a second helping from Kokoro-chan, so it's time for the second round!
Please look forward to Kokoro-chan changing into her special costume in the main story♪

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