300MIUM-1022 [I Drown In Dick Until Morning Comes. ] Student A Wears Chanel All Over Her Body, Until Her Fluffy Aura That Appeals To Men Melts Into Mush! Shake Your Tight Man With Your Uncle's Dick! !

300MIUM-1022 2023-11-14 106min

Film Introduction

In order to live in a world of glittering vanity, a girl from Minato Ward sometimes drinks alcohol with a smile on her face, and sometimes gets her uncle's dick thrust deep into her pussy.

This time's target is a college student who is popular with all the A-grade boys with her fluffy aura.
She is an A-school girl who has the skill to get into a man's heart with her simple way of speaking and soft smile.
The necklaces, earrings, bags, and other Chanel items that are all over the place are said to have been gifts (tributes), so it seems that they have a good position in Minato Ward.

When Minato-ku takes him to a drinking place with his uncle, he is confused by the mood that is gradually being created, but his pure white skin is revealed.

Enjoy shaking her young buttocks, which are both soft and firm.
The sight of her writhing in embarrassment makes my dick harder and harder, and she opens her mouth wide and starts sucking.
You can feel her pussy getting wet as she makes the sound of "Jup, Jup".

She also can't wait, so she eats it right away.

Up until then, she had been smiling cutely and shyly, but as soon as it was inserted, her eyebrows wrinkled and she started letting out sounds like ``Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...

Her pussy, which seems to be contracting in pain, will turn into a fountain as soon as you stir it a little. I will squirt as many times as I want.
By the time the water collected on the hotel floor, her shaved pussy was red and trembling as if she was breathing heavily even without being touched.

A fair-skinned body that is comfortable to hold, and a sensitive body that is worth playing with.
I can't stand the tightening of my pussy and ejaculate...

Hah, huh... I inserted it again while I still had the aftertaste of the first time.
His rapidly erect penis spreads her pussy, which has become even more sensitive.

Perhaps her body doesn't have any strength, but her stillness is drowned out by the sound of the piston, and in its place is her animal-like moaning voice.
Her ass meat. I grabbed it and continued pounding my dick into it.

Enjoy the glittering A student who is completely devoured.

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